25 June 2013


I probably should have mentioned this before I just disappeared off the face of the Earth (btw, thanks for all the ''where are you'' emails!), but I am currently backpacking :) I spent a lovely week in the U.S. (New Orleans to be precise, with a day in New York as well), and am currently going between Montréal and Québec City, Canada. Afterwards, I'm off to Cuba, Colombia, Argentina and London, so I won't be back here on Ferdakost before late August/early September. 

You can follow my backpacking trip on my travel blog Floggeidå, if you want, and of course you are more than welcome to ask any questions (leave a comment, or send me an email) you should have regarding a recipe etc. 

Also, you are welcome to watch a little video where I talk about Ferdakost and my favourite bakery in Oslo here. Skip to the 13th minute (in Norwegian.)

Have a nice summer everybody! 


6 June 2013

Grapefruit Salad

Grapefruit salad. HURRAH! I love grapefruit.

Not only my favourite fruit, you see, but probably on my Top Ten list of all things I love to eat (and, if pressed, to drink.) See, usually I'm not really a fruit person. I love berries – their tricky balance of acid and sweet is dreamy – but most tropical fruits are just too sweet. But grapefruit is bitter, my friend, and bitter is good. All good things in life are bitter – coffee, dark chocolate, rocket salad... I'm just saying, that's all. But the combination of rocket salad and grapefruit is very, very bitter, so to make the salad edible, I added a honey, herb and clementine juice sauce. 'Twas very, very good. 

31 May 2013

Chocolate Milkshake

I should begin by telling you about the rule. The rule is the only rule my parents have ever set, and although the rule has differed depending on mood and situation, it has always been something to the effect of: ''No cooking or baking before we've eaten all the leftovers in the freezer from previous food explorations.'' It's harsh, really, but admittedly pretty practical. Mathematically, of course, it's straightforward. When the produce-consumption ratio is at a wacky 11:4 (probably, I mean, obviously I haven't actually done any counting), you're left with large amounts of frozen leftovers. All well and good, but what happens when the frozen leftovers-consumption ratio is unbalanced?

That's why we have the rule

27 May 2013

Raspberry and Basil Financiers

I apologise in advance for the total lack of pictures (of the financiers, that is), but you know, I have an excuse. I always do.

You see, the weather here has been so lovely lately that making food has been bumped way down my list of priorities. Or really, I mean I have made food, but I have not photographed what I've made. Just a bit, but not really. Rain is supposedly on its way, so I'll probably get back to the regular swing of things soon, but for now I'm perfectly happy being outdoors.

15 May 2013

Salmon, Goat Cheese and Tomato Relish Burger

Google Statistics informs me that only 20% of my hits come from Norway, so I thought it'd be nice to write a little ethnohistoric post, so that you guys will all know why Norway exists.

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