21 February 2011

{Moose Stew}

Autumn brings with it a variety of delicious foods; pumpkin pies, potatoes and good meat. Moose meat, to be specific. Defining moose meat is difficult. It is like explaining what brown cheese tastes like. You just have to try it to know it. The meat tastes a bit like reindeer or even elk; with a lot of flavour and what we in Norwegian call ''skogsmak'' (litt. taste of the forest.) But what I can say with certainty, is that moose meat is THE meat. The best meat. Exquisite meat. 

Need I say more?

 {Moose Stew}

400g moose meat, sliced
250g fresh champignons
2 tbsp butter, for frying
2 dl water
3 dl sour cream
1 dl milk
3 slices of real goat cheese
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
5 juniper berries (einebær)
½ tsp dried thyme

1.Brown the meat and the mushrooms in a frying pan, then put all of the meat into a cassarolle. Add the water and cook. Then leave it for 20 minutes, to soak.

2.Add the sour cream, milk, goat cheese, crushed juniper berries and thyme and let soak for another five minutes. Add salt and pepper, to taste.

In Norway we usually serve moose stew with potatoes, cowberry (lingonberry) jam (tyttebærsyltestøy) and brussels sprouts. But you can do as I did here; whole-wheat pasta and sliced tomatoes.

Norsk versjon


400 g elgkjøt, i bitar

250 g ferske sjampignongar

2 ms smør, til steiking

2 dl vatn

3 dl rømme

1 dl mjølk

3 skiver geitost

1 ts salt

½ ts pepar

5 einebær

½ ts tørka timian

1.Brun kjøtet og soppen i ei steikepanne. Når kjøtet/soppen er ferdig bruna, hell blandinga i ein kasserolle. Ha i vatnet og kok. La kjøtet liggja i kasserollen i 20 minutt.

2.Ha i rømmen, mjølka, geitosten, knuste einebær og timian og la blandinga suga til seg vatnet i fem minutt. Strø salt og pepar på.

Server med potetar, tyttebærsyltetøy og rosenkål.


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