23 September 2011

Orangina | France's Favourite

Those of you who know me know that I don't drink or like soft drinks. I tried a few this summer – Breizh Cola, Mezzo Mix – but those were exceptions. Orangina, though, I actually like. Truly, madly, deeply. In recent times they've begun selling them in Norway, but it doesn't taste the same as the French. The mood, the atmosphere, the je ne sais quoi just isn't there. It simply does not taste the same.

Orangina is hugely popular in France. Certainly it beats other soft drinks, such as Pepsi or Fanta, in popularity. It comes in the regular can and bottle shapes, as well as a bizarre, pear-shaped glass bottle à 33 cl. Before you start drinking, though, remember to secouez buvez (shake the drink) to 'release its flavour.' It's a funny little habit I've picked up on my travels. What I like most about it is, somewhat obviously, its taste. It doesn't taste as synthetic as many other soft drinks do. Rather, it tastes of a lightly carbonated orange juice with hints of lemon and grapefruit. To top it off, 2% of it consists of fruit pulp – making you believe that it's healthy and good for you.

The one thing I do not understand, however, is its current advertising campaign. Anthropomorphic animals, such as a kangaroo wearing a bikini and a crocodile at the beach with sunglasses, currently cover the posters. Personally, I don't see what animals posing in swimsuits have to do with Orangina at all. It's quite strange, and I don't understand it. Perhaps I'm not meant to. Either way, do please have an Orangina when you're in France. It's part of the experience!

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Anonymous said...

330cl !? that's a bit to much, no? (it's 3.3l)
I think you wanted to write 33cl ^^

Marion said...

Thank you for pointing it out :)

london bakes said...

Love orangina! But you're right, it tastes completely different if you have it outside France.

david said...


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