9 October 2011

Potato Wedges with Thyme and Sea Salt

I believe I've said this a thousand times already, but it's worth repeating. French cooking does not have to be complicated, and it does not necessarily have to take a long time. Take this dish, for example. If you're a skilled with a knife, you can chop these babies and have these potato wedges in the oven in about ten minutes. Sprinkle on a good handful of flaky sea salt and quite a bit of chilli and olive oil, finishing the ensemble with fresh thyme, before you mix everything together very well. There might be sceptics out there muttering that this doesn't sound like a particularly exceptional dish, but they should close their mouths until the potatoes have spent a good 40 minutes in a warm oven, after which their mouths may be used for a different purpose.

My joy at making these delights are matched by my joy in eating them. They're utterly delicious. The thyme flavours without dominating. The salt adds that extra something, the je ne sais quoi good dishes need. And the potato wedges? When placed in the mouth, the crisp exterior with a hint of chilli plays alongside the soft and warm interior and the salt on the back of the tongue. If eaten with, say, mussels or roasted chicken, it is heaven... pure unadulterated happiness. Parfait!

Potato Wedges with Thyme and Sea Salt

Roughly one very large, two medium or three-four small potatoes per person
Chilli oil
Olive oil
Flaky, chunky sea salt
Fresh thyme

1.Preheat oven to 180°C.

2.Wash the potatoes (they're best with peel, but you can of course remove the peel if you prefer) and divide each into four or six wedges, depending on size of potato.

3.Splash on large amounts of chilli and olive oil (be generous - you won't regret it!), making sure to cover all the sides of every potato wedge. Sprinkle lots of sea salt on and thyme. Mix well together.

4.Bake in oven for 30-40 minutes.

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