30 October 2011

Some news...

I just bought a domain for this here blog, so if you see anything that's not working or two different urls, it's all part of the transitional process :-) 

Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've changed the name of the blog from La Petite Grenouille to Ferdakost. The reason behind the switch was because there are approx. ten different 'la petite grenouille's out and about on the Internet, and I wanted my own domain. But it was quite difficult; like changing the name of my baby. Not that I have a baby (a proper one, anyway).

So I ended up choosing Ferdakost instead. Ferdakost literally means 'food you eat whilst travelling', but it can also be split in two and simply mean 'travel' and 'food'. I really loved the double meaning behind it, both of which represent what I write about here. 

I hope you don't mind too much :-) Have a happy Sunday

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Nico said...

It's a good idea ^^
I searched once your blog because i forgot the URL. It was very hard to find your's between all those other "Petite Grenouille" blogs

Marion said...

Thank you

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