18 December 2011

Risbollar | Norwegian Christmas Sweets

Life is busy. Life is crazy busy. I've been up to the wee hours every morning this week just to finish all my homework assignments (I am a perfectionist after all!) and I practically cocooned myself from the outside world as I sat writing and re-writing all day long. And you'd think the weekend would patch things up, but alas, I had to work to do at the supermarket – and it's a week before Christmas. Good Lord, you'd think people were planning on hibernating the next three months.

But I've chosen this job. I've chosen this hectic life and I don't regret anything. Working allows me to do what I enjoy doing – travelling, buying ingredients; which is great, but being so busy does take a toll. There have been days when I have not been able to get out of bed for pure fatigue and I am growing pretty tired of being tired. I don't like being tired much. So today, as I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself, I decided to have a day off and just relax. Take a chill pill, you know. That sort of thing. 

I wanted to eat something that would make me feel better and wasn't too time-consuming or crazy-challenging. So to the kitchen I went, and lo and behold, my face lit up as I entered the kitchen,for what do you think I found? That's right! A lovely chunk of coconut butter.

HOORAY! I instantly knew what I could make with it; something that was good, and easy and quick to make. Did I mention it has chocolate in it? Happily I skipped my carcass over to the bookshelf to find my Christmas recipe book, searched the index and found the recipe to my little source of pleasure. The name of this delight is risbollar, which translates rather silly as ''rice buns''. Now that doesn't sound like much, does it? No siree, it does not, so I think some explanation is in order. Risbollar is basically puffed rice mixed with chocolate that's chilled and hardened. That was better, I think. 
They really do just whisk me straight back to my childhood. Fresh bread in the morning. Apple tart with coffee. The smell of tea plants off the plantations. Fields of cows. Bushes full of berries. The smell of the sea. Dumplings steaming on street corners. And risbollar. I am not ashamed to admit that I once stuffed myself with five or six of these in one and the same evening (though I feel I have to mention I was eight when I did that...) They're über-good alongside a good cup of coffee – I say this because I want to discreetly mention that my coffee is now prepared by a professional café-style coffee machine, thanks to my brother. Seriously, the cappuccino is to die for. Anyway, I'd wager hot chocolate is a bit too much with risbollar, but hey, do what comes natural.

I promised you more Christmas food, so Christmas food is what I made. Try making them and let me know how it went!

Recipe by Ingrid Espelid

200 g. dark or semi-dark chocolate, broken into chunks

2 eggs
400 g. solidified coconut butter (or solidified coconut oil)
6 tbsp. coffee (preferably espresso)
6 tbsp. sugar
14 dl. puffed rice

1.In a small casserole, melt the coconut butter or oil. In a small bowl, pour the hot coffee over the chocolate and allow it to melt completely. Mix the coconut butter and chocolate/coffee mixture together.

2.In a second bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar until the mixture turns pale. Then add the chocolate/butter/coffee mixture and whisk well. Finally, stir the puffed rice into the mixture carefully.

3.Using a spoon, scoop about two tablespoons of the mixture and place in a small cupcake or muffin paper cup. Do the same with the rest of the mixture.

4.Place in refrigerator and let cool and harden completely before serving.

Oppskrift frå Ingrid Espelid

200 g. lys eller mørk kokesjokolade

2 egg
400 g. delfiafett
6 ms. kaffi, helst espresso
6 ms. sukker
14 dl. puffa ris

1.Smelt delfiafettet. Smelt sjokoladen i kaffien. Bland fett og sjokolade. Pisk eggedosis av egg og sukker.

2.Visp sjokoladeblandinga i eggedosisen i ein tynn stråle. Ha i ris og bland om så alt vert godt blanda. Form bollane med ei skei og sett kvar bolle i ei muffinsform av papir.

3.La bollane stå kjølig til dei er stivna.

13 comment (s):

M said...

d hørres så godt ut! ..og eg e glad du endelig hadde litt fri! :)

Marion said...

Eg har dei på lur, så du får smaga òg, når du kjem (snart! det e kje lenge t nå!) Og eg e og gla for det... :) Men eg måtte jo laga sjokoladekagå t matten i tillegg (men det va kje stress). Håbe d e noge igjen t deg!

Baltic Maid said...

These sweets look delicious. They remind me of a chocolate bar with puffed rice from my childhood. It was my favourite but unfortunately they stopped selling it. Once I find coconut butter here though, I will give this a try. Thanks for the recipe!!!

Marion said...

Thank you :) Let me know how it went!

Frogs are cool... said...

I haven't tasted this yet, but it tastes great!

Marion said...

It sure does!

M said...

^^ det E den beste sjokoladekaken eg noen gang har smakt! gratulere og takk! :D
PS. glede meg masse :)

Marion said...

:) Tusen takk! Eg tog kje bilete, så han kjem kje på bloggen, men eg satse på at eg får lagd han ein aen gong og!

Mor said...

Desse risbollene er kjempegode. Eg elskar risboller, og desse er slik eg meinar dei skal vera når dei er perfekt laga!!!!

Marion said...

Åååå tusen takk!

Anonymous said...

I'll be making some today.

Anonymous said...

what is the rice puffs measurement? Decalitre. We dont cook or bake with this symbol here in Canada.

Marion said...

It's about 140 grams rice puffs

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