20 January 2012

Coquilles Saint-Jacques poêlée | Eating France

Oh, life has been pretty busy over here. You may have noticed that I've only made quick and easy recipes lately. I haven't made anything time-consuming for weeks, and have only had time to make small appetizers and suchlike. Earlier this week, while I was out driving, the car began to badger me with notices that I had to ''take a coffee break'' (really, that is what it read), because I was driving so haphazardly. Later it started beeping insanely, because I nearly drove off the road. The little screen then read ''go to sleep''. I guess I was pretty exhausted, huh?

Or maybe I'm just a terrible driver.

So, today we're off to Poitou-Charentes, our last region in western France. For my American and Canadian readers out there, this region may be of interest. A little bit. Poitou is where most of the Acadian and Cajun populations (in Newfoundland, Maine, Nova Scotia, Louisiana etc.) originally came from. Oh, and the marquise de Montespan, the most famous mistress to Louis XIV, also came from this region. You know, in case you were wondering.

This appetizer doesn't really need a recipe, just a conversation. I did write it down for you anyway, but strictly speaking, you won't need it. Simply sauté the scallops in butter and set aside, then pour the whiskey, heavy cream and chopped basil, cook for about a minute, add the scallops and taste with salt and pepper. And that's basically it! Scallops are one of my favourite ingredients to use as appetizers, not only because they're easy to prepare, but also because they taste like heaven. Especially with estragon. It's not in the original recipe (yes, I used a recipe too!) but I like to add it nonetheless. Bon appétit!

Coquilles Saint-Jacques poêlée (Sautéed Scallops)
Recipe by Recettes & Terroirs

12 scallop adductor muscles (the white part)

1 dl. whiskey 
2 dl. heavy cream
30 g. butter
3 basil leaves
Salt and pepper, to taste
Estragon (optional, but recommended)

1.Sauté the scallops in butter for about 3 minutes on each side. Set aside.

2.In the pan, add the whiskey, cream and chopped basil. Add the scallops, taste with estragon, salt and pepper and let simmer for 2 minutes.

Coquilles Saint-Jacques poêlée (Steikte kamskjell) 
Oppskrift frå Recettes & Terroirs

12 kamskjellmusklar (kvite delen)

1 dl. whiskey 
2 dl. kremfløyte
30 g. smør
3 basilikumsblad
Salt and pepar
Estragon (valfritt, men anbefalt)

1.Steik kamskjella i smør på ei panne i omlag 3 minutt på kvar side. Legg til side.

2.Hell whiskeyen, kremen og basilikummen i panna og la det koka i omlag eitt minutt. Ha i kamskjella og strø på estragon, salt og pepar. La blandinga småkoka i 2 minutt.

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BSE said...

Ser skamgodt ut :) -HF

Marion said...

Takk! Det va d òg! Og veldig enkelt som sagt, det tek berre sånn 10 minutt totalt eller mindre.

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