29 January 2012

Sunday Postcard from Stavanger

Greetings from lovely Stavanger!

I have recently received several emails from readers who were asking if I could share more photos and travel journals from Norway. And it made me realise how little I've shared of my own country with you. I've written encyclopedias about France and Israel and Germany, but Norway has remained in the shadow. That's about to change. 

Every second Sunday I will post a series of photographs from various places of Norway I've visited in the past year or so. I hope you like them, and, who knows?, maybe some of you will decide to visit this land of mine :) 

First stop: Stavanger, in south-western Norway. I usually say I'm from Stavanger when I talk to foreigners, with a faint hope that maybe, maybe, they know where it is. It may not be where I live, but it's where I go to school, so I'm not completely lying, now, am I? Stavanger is Norway's fourth largest and most wealthy city, and is situated between the sea and a fjord. In the summertime, it's BEAUTIFUL! Plus, it hosts Norway's largest food festival each July, right by the fjord. It's definitely worth the trip. 

The plan is to write a little more about this city, its restaurants, cafés, etc., but be patient. I tend to misplace pictures (ahem...). In the meantime, do enjoy these pictures of the Old City, or Gamlebyen, in Stavanger.

PS: My next ''proper'' post is due on Monday, so be on the lookout. What will I make? I'll give you three hints: 1) it's Austrian, 2) there'll be cherries and 3) it's a dessert.

Update: I'll have to delay the next post a day: the pictures were horrible (too dark!) and I think I want to experiment a bit further on my Austrian dessert before I post it :) I hope you understand. But! I'll be back on Tuesday with something, but what exactly I'll make I don't know yet... Stay tuned!

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M said...

this is the place to be! (when it's not too cold, too rainy or too dark :)

Marion said...

Haha, yes. This is where the magic happens.

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