26 January 2012

Triple Chocolate Brownies, Because I'm 19 Now

It was my 19th birthday yesterday. I can't say I like it when birthday's fall on a school day, it's awfully dreary. But we've all got to have them, every once in a while. And I might as well get used to it. Then there is a question of celebration. To celebrate or not to celebrate, that is the question. It nags me every year. It's slightly egocentric, isn't it?, throwing a party in honour of yourself. All your friends come together to celebrate you. Or perhaps they don't. Maybe they just come for the food. But you don't know that. You think they're coming for you, and that's what's  important.

    A party, especially for hungry teenagers, is not complete without a brownie or two to nibble on. Yes, we may be nearly-adults, but we still love our sweets, thank you very much. Not that I plan to stop eating brownies the minute I turn 20. No, that would not do. But I may eat just one brownie, rather than two or three. And I might just use margarine, rather than butter. Or a little less sugar.

    We all know I'm not going to use margarine, though, don't we?

    Making a not-so-logical link, I do love my kitchen equipment; indeed, I do. For my 19th alone, I was given a set of sushi plates and tools, a few basic kitchen gadgets (spatulas, lamé, cheese graters, oil dispensers, etc.), a few Mora tarts (this and this), this knife and fork steak set, and money, which I used to buy a Pillivuyt lasagne baker and cake stand. Well, they were on sale. But sometimes, just sometimes, I like to make something using only basic equipment: a small bowl, a cute mould, perhaps a spatula, and a whisk. It's the simplicity that appeals to me, there's no stress, no problems. Just a few gadgets and some chocolate.

    Yup, chocolate. I love chocolate. Who doesn't? Seriously. I've never understood people who don't like chocolate. I can't resist it, and enjoy a small bite of chocolate at least three times a week. Chocolate is so flexible, and can be used to make so many different kinds of spectacular food. Like these brownies. I love the confidence of this brownie. It isn't overly cloying, and the great thing is that it's so incredibly easy to make. Simplicity itself. I am not sure whether it's the chocolate chips, or just the cocoa itself, that makes this brownie better than pretty much any I have ever had, but I like to think it's because I make it with such eagerness.

    I melt the chocolate with butter and water, being careful not to burn it, then I add the cocoa, followed by the rest of the ingredients. I leave the best for last – rough and tough chocolate chips – mix everything together and pour the mixture in a simple square pan. I also tried adding almonds, which fitted in nicely, but go with what you like. The brownies are left to tan for 20 – 25 minutes, before they're taken out, cut into square pieces and enjoyed, by teenagers and adults alike. They demand no special ingredients and no special equipment, nor do they require a lot of time.


    Triple Chocolate Brownies
    Recipe by Cuina per a llaminers

    30 g. butter, cubed
    115 g. dark chocolate
    62.5 ml water

    75 g. sugar
    60 g. flour
    40 g. cocoa 

    2 large eggs
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    1/2 tsp. baking soda
    A dash of salt

    70 g. chocolate, chopped
    50 g. almonds or hazelnuts (optional), chopped

    1.Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

    2.In a bowl over simmering water, mix the water, butter and chocolate together. Let the mixture melt completely. Take off heat, and reserve. Add the cocoa powder and blend.

    3.Pour mixture into a bowl, and add the sugar, eggs and vanilla. Mix well, then add the flour, baking soda and salt. Then add the chocolate chips (and nuts, if you're using).

    4.Butter a 20 x 20 cm square pan, and pour the mixture in. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean. Take out of oven, let cool for 15 minutes and cut into squares à 4 x 4 cm.

    Oppskrift frå Cuina per a llaminers

    30 g. smør, i delar
    115 g. mørk sjokolade
    62.5 ml vatn

    75 g. sukker
    60 g. mjøl
    40 g. kakao

    2 store egg
    1 ts. vaniljeekstrakt
    1/2 ts. natron
    Litt salt
    70 g. sjokolade, hakka

    50 g. mandler eller hasselnøtter (valfritt), hakka

    1.Varm opp omnen til 180ºC.

    2.Smelt sjokoladen, smøret og vatnet saman over eit vassbad. Ta av varmen og ha i kakaoen. Bland godt saman.

    3.Hell blandinga i ein bolle, og ha i sukkeret, egga og vaniljen. Bland. Ha så i mjølet, natronen og saltet. Ha i den hakka sjokoladen og even. nøtter til slutt. 

    4.Smør ei 20 x 20 cm form, og ha i deigen. Steik i 20 - 25 minutt, eller til kaka er heilt gjennomsteikt. Ta or omnen og la kolna i 15 minutt. Skjer i stykke à 4 x 4 cm og server.

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    Mai Lene said...

    gratulerer med dagen!! Såg herlig ut!. =)

    Marion said...

    Tusen takk! Det er det, og veldig enkelt å laga òg!

    M said...

    de falt veldig godt i smak hos oss og (og iom at de e så lette å lage har eg ingen andre unskyldninger heller t å iche lage de!). Tusen takk :D

    Baltic Maid said...

    Nachträglich herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!! Viel Erfolg und Gesundheit im Neuen Jahr!
    Deine Brownies sehen superlecker aus! :-)

    Marion said...

    M: Versågo :) Mor di sa òg ho likte det, og då er det eit enda betre teikn!

    Baltic Maid: Vielen Dank! Du musst die Brownies eines tages selbst machen :-)

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