19 February 2012

Fastelavnsbollar, just because I couldn't resist...

Well, the joke is on me. After confessing that I didn't like fastelavnsbollar, and that I was done with Shrovetide recipes, here I am, humbly bringing you a fresh batch of bollar. In my defence, I had intended to share them with you before, the pictures just weren't pretty, and dismayed and broken-hearted, I ended up sharing French milk buns instead. But as luck would have it, I spent the weekend visiting my sister in Bergen - actually, I'm still here, but I wanted to tell you about these before I leave - and after making croissants and spending a wet afternoon at the fish market, we were out of ideas of things to do. In our language, this translates as time to bake something. But what to bake? My sister looked at me, mischievously smiling, and I knew what she wanted to make. At the blink of an eye, I was down and dirty with flour, sugar, milk and yeast, eagerly anticipating the outcome. Would I like them or not? Would I gag at the whipped cream or embrace the amount with joy?

Luckily, I reserved my policy on whether or not to eat these bollar, and soon after, both our hands were covered in whipped cream and powdered sugar. I wish you could've seen us making these in the kitchen, both giggling like infatuated teenagers at the sight of the mess we'd created. Oh, but what delicious mess it was. And though I had only just come to like them, I embraced them with all the enthusiasm you reserve for your favourite pet, or perhaps even a husband (okay, bad example) or even your favourite football player.

Not that there is anything particularly revolutionary about these bollar - they're just really, really good. As a bonus, it's also jolly fun to eat so much whipped cream without feeling guilty. Although you can pretty much use any sweet-bun recipe you've got, I would recommend either using my staple bolle-recipe, or use my Männele-recipe, which is what I did. Though some would consider it a blasphemy, I found the männele dough more 'light' and fluffy, which fitted well with the whipped cream. But by all means, go with what you like. And even though it's a bit late to make these for fastelavnssundag, why not make these instead of pancakes (or make both!) on Tuesday?

Note: There aren't many exact amounts in this recipe. It's hard to tell how much whipped cream you'll want to have in your bollar, so go with what you like. 

I'll be submitting this recipe to Yeastspotting 


One batch of this recipe or this recipe

Whipped cream
Powdered sugar, to dust

Slice each bake bolle in two sideways. If you're using heavy cream, w
hip the cream until stiff, then use to top the bottom part of the bolle – either with a spoon, or use a piping bag with a star-shaped nozzle. I used a can pre-whipped cream, which came with a star-shaped nozzle. Use as much as you like - more is better, though. Place the other half of the bolle on top, and dust lightly with powdered sugar.


Ei oppskrift av denne eller denne (på engelsk)

Stivpiska kremfløyte
Melis, til dryssing

Del kvar bolle i to. Pisk kremfløyta stiv med litt sukker, og fyll bollebotne med kremfløyta. Legg på toppen. Dryss over melisen.

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Mamatkamal said...

It's always good to stop by your blog to read and enjoy your wonderful recipes. This looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

:) takk for besøket!

Mimi said...

Hmm... How strange. They're like Swedish semlor, but without the almond paste. These look lovely, but I do recommend you to try a semla (perhaps you already have, haha); they're absolutely delicious.

Marion said...

Mamatkamal: Merci beaucoup!

H.: Det var kjekt å koma òg!

Mimi: Hm... yes, I have heard of semlor, though I haven't tasted them yet! I would like to, though; maybe next year :) Swedish and Norwegian food have a lot in common, though, so perhaps this is one of them. The Danes also make something similar, I know, so I guess it's a Scandinavian thing. I know some Norwegians like to fill their bollar with jam as well as whipping cream, though I don't like this version myself. But almond paste? Now that sounds delicious! Och tack för komplimangen :-)

M said...

me det bildet, ser ho alt godt ut! (men ville sjøl og ha foretrukket rosinbollene) :)

Connie said...

This looks delicious. Peter, my husband, loves everything with whipped cream and these bollar are also beautiful.

Hanaâ said...

These look incredibly yummy. They remind me of a Dutch white roll that's filled with pastry cream and dusted with powdered sugar. Always a big mess to eat but oh so tasty :o)

Nina said...

Yay, semlor! Mums ;)

Ava said...

I have never tried fastelavnsbollar, but it looks yummy from your photos and ingredient list. I'm going to have to try this one very soon!

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