24 February 2012

Smoked Salmon & Tapenade Pasta

A few days ago, I finally got around to purchasing much-need spice containers to organise my scattered-around jars and packages of spices and condiments. Next thing I knew, I was on a scavenger hunt around the house looking for food, and after I had found every bottle and package that could possible belong to me, I made a very important discovery: My pantry is ridiculously well-stocked. Stocked with bottled sauces, oils, syrups, rice, tea, all sorts of things dried, pickled and salted, various extracts, liqueur and spices, it's basically an Aladdin's Cave of exotic ingredients. I suppose I've always believed that if I had everything, I could cook anything from anywhere any time... Or perhaps I'm just greedy.

Regardless of my original intentions, I tend to completely forget what I've bought, and so it was with great surprise and joy I discovered many ''new'' condiments. Among the items I'd forgotten I had was a jar of tapenade, a kind of French paste made from olives, olive oil and capers, which I had bought in Brittany, and a package of herbes de Provençe. The oozing smell of these herbs brought me back to a pasta dish I ate last summer, on a small restaurant right by the Breton sea. It was very simple, merely a mix of fish, olives, cream and pasta, naturally, but incredibly sophisticated and delicious. I remember thinking I had to recreate the dish at home, but somehow I never got around to doing that, and I soon forgot all about it. But as I stood there with the tapenade and herbes de Provençe, I knew it was time to check it out. 

For me, this pasta belongs to a rare category of comfort food, the kind that seems familiar and new at the same time. The sauce is flavoured by the smoked salmon, whilst the tapenade and fresh herbs leaves pleasing tastes to match. You can replace the smoked salmon with smoked mackerel – or any other fish,I'm sure – though I haven't tried this yet. Also, I used dairy-free cream (which I believe is made with oats), as I'm on a strict Lent-diet, but I'd recommend using regular heavy cream if you can. Either way, it's both easy to make and comforting. I hope you like it too :) 

Note: You may have noticed that I added American measurements as well. I hope they're roughly the same. I never realised it was this hard to convert them! Feel free to tell me if one or more of them aren't accurate enough :)

Smoked Salmon & Tapenade Pasta
Original recipe by © Marion Fløysvik


2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 yellow onion, finely chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp. dried thyme 
3 tsp. herbes de Provençe
100 ml. (1/2 cup) white wine
100 ml. (1/2 cup) tomato sauce 
200 ml. (1 cup + 1 tbsp) heavy cream (or oat cream)
4 tbsp. tapenade (preferably of green olives)
60 g. (2 oz.) black olives, pitted and sliced in half
300 g. (10 oz.) smoked salmon, cut into cubes

3 tbsp. fresh oregano, chopped
3 tbsp. fresh basil, chopped
450 g. ( 1 lb.) pasta
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Oregano or basil, for garnish (optional)

1.In a casserole, heat the oil over medium heat and caramlise the onion. Add the garlic and olives and sauté for one minute. Add the tomato sauce, dried thyme and herbes de Provençe and let cook for a minute or two. Next, add the wine, cook, then the cream and tapenade. Let simmer, and stir in the smoked salmon, salt and pepper. Finally, add the fresh herbs. Simmer until the sauce is semi-thick, about 5 minutes. Feel free to add more salt and pepper if needed.
Cook the pasta in a casserole of boiling salted water until just al dente. Drain the pasta, and pour some olive oil on the pasta, making sure it coats evenly. Pour the sauce on the pasta, and garnish with fresh oregano or basil. 

Røykt laks & tapenade pasta
Oppskrift av © Marion Fløysvik


2 ms. olivenolje
1/2 lauk, finhakka

4 kvitlauksfedd, pressa
2 ts. tørka timian
3 ts. herbes de Provençe
100 ml. kvitvin
100 ml. tomatsaus
200 ml. fløyte (eller havrefløyte)
4 ms. tapenade (helst av grøne oliven)
60 g. svarte oliven, utan stein og delt it to
300 g. røykt laks, i delar

3 ms. fersk oregano, hakka
3 ms. fersk basilikum, hakka
400 g. pasta
Salt og pepar
Oregano eller basilikum, til pynt (valfritt)

1.Varm opp olja i ei gryte og steik lauken. Ha i kvitlauken og oliven og steik i eitt minutt. Ha så i tomatsausen, timianen og herbes de Provençe og la blandinga koka i eitt til to minutt. Ha i kvitvinen og la blandinga koka. Deretter har du i kremen og tapenaden. La blandinga småkoka, og ha i laksen, saltet og peparen. Ha i oreganoen og basilikumen, og la sausen småkoka i omlag 5 minutt. Ha i meir salt og pepar om nødvendig.
Kok pastaen til al dente i ei gryte med saltvatn. Tøm vatnet, og hell på olivenolje. Tøm sausen på pastaen, og pynt med fersk oregano eller basilikum.

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Mor said...

Annleis og veldig deileg, rik på smak og god ettersmak.

Tabea said...

Marion?? Where are the pictures? I love your photos.. Your can't just post one! :/

But still made me so hungry when I first read it!

Marion said...

It was an experiment I had - less photos and all that - but I didn't like it much. You should still make it, though, it's sooo delicious!

Tabea said...

Yeah, but maybe not at half past 12 in the middle of the night... When I'm actually planning on searching the house for chocolate :D
But I'll definitely try it out in the next few weeks, as I'm at home right now, and Mom's gonna pay for all the ingredients ;)

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