31 May 2013

Chocolate Milkshake

I should begin by telling you about the rule. The rule is the only rule my parents have ever set, and although the rule has differed depending on mood and situation, it has always been something to the effect of: ''No cooking or baking before we've eaten all the leftovers in the freezer from previous food explorations.'' It's harsh, really, but admittedly pretty practical. Mathematically, of course, it's straightforward. When the produce-consumption ratio is at a wacky 11:4 (probably, I mean, obviously I haven't actually done any counting), you're left with large amounts of frozen leftovers. All well and good, but what happens when the frozen leftovers-consumption ratio is unbalanced?

That's why we have the rule

Don't just blame me, though - mum does it too! See, vanilla ice cream is often on sale, and when vanilla ice cream is on sale, mum buys it, whether we like it or not. And nobody in my family really likes vanilla ice cream. (That's really the biggest difference between my parents economically. Mum saves money buying things on sale, and dad saves money not buying anything at all. Go figure.)

Anyway, the rule of the house being the way it was, and because I really do want to get rid of those darn boxes of ice cream, I figured I'd make milkshake. Because, you know, it's not technically cooking. Nor is it baking. Look for loopholes, always.

This drink barely needs a recipe, but I'm going to give it to you anyway. Most online recipes I found asked for Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, which was something I did actually grow up with in Taiwan, but that I obviously don't have now, because a) they don't sell them in Norway, and b) it's, well, Hersheys... Now, I'd never made milkshakes before, but I figured melted chocolate couldn't possibly be worse than syrup, and I'm happy to say it wasn't ;)

No fear, the milkshake was a hit, although certain people I know (mum) thought it was a tad too chocolate-y, whereas others (my brother) thought it was a wee bit thick. Me, I thought it was perfect. Feel free to adjust some of the quantities to your taste, though. I won't mind.

Chocolate Milkshake


100 g. (3.5 oz) good-quality dark chocolate, roughly chopped
300 ml. (10½ fl. oz.) whole milk   
6 large vanilla ice cream scoops *

1.Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water (do not allow the base of the bowl to touch the water).

2.In a blender, mix the melted chocolate with the milk. Add the ice cream, and blend together. Feel free to add more vanilla ice cream scoops, to match your taste.  

*I like a strong chocolate flavour, but I always add an extra scoop or two for my mum, who prefers a more subtle chocolate taste.

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