15 May 2013

Salmon, Goat Cheese and Tomato Relish Burger

Google Statistics informs me that only 20% of my hits come from Norway, so I thought it'd be nice to write a little ethnohistoric post, so that you guys will all know why Norway exists.

It all began with a failed marriage proposal. Gyda, daughter of the King of Hordaland in western Norway, mocked Harald Hårfagre, a King from eastern Norway, when he went down on one knee (or whatever they did back then). Instead of refusing him, however, she told him that she would not marry him before he was King of all Norway. Rising to the challenge, Harald vowed never to cut, or comb, his hair, until he was King of a united Norway, and subsequently set out to conquer every single region. Slowly, but surely, Harald battled his way to victory, and after ten years, he stood at the borders of Hafrsfjord in Stavanger to battle against Eirik, Gyda's father. When Eirik subsequently was defeated, Harald became the first King of Norway in 872 A.D., married Gyda, and cut and combed his hair, earning him the name Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair).

The country has come a long way since 872. After the Black Death, we were incorporated into the Kingdom of Denmark and later, into the Kingdom of Sweden. In 1905, we finally gained our independence, democratically elected a new King (this lovely chap) and was the first independent country to give women the vote (exactly 100 years ago). So there is lots to celebrate, and as I told you here, in two days time Norway will be in DEEP celebration-mode. Which brings me to these burgers. 


This is a simple dish that I really love. The burgers are pure salmon, with a few fresh herbs and spices to add more taste. All you have to do is mix it all together with whichever herbs you prefer (or whichever herbs you have available, in my case, parsley and basil). You can either fry the fish burgers or bake them (which I did) until they're juicy and pink. My mother always insists that I make my own burger buns and that, if I refuse, I don't get to make burgers (and yes, she does mean to imply that she doesn't really want me to make burgers.) Serve with whichever vegetable you like (just plain salad in my case), goat cheese and my super-easy tomato relish. Goes really well with fizzy water.

Salmon Burgers with Goat Cheese and Tomato Relish


10 brioche hamburger buns (see recipe below)
10 salmon patties (see recipe below)
Tomato relish (see below)
Vegetables, of your choice
55 g. (4 oz.) goat cheese

Spread the goat cheese on the bottom half of the bun, and top with vegetables, of your choice. Add one salmon patty and top with one-two tablespoons of tomato relish. 

Brioche Hamburger Buns

200 g. (1.7 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
4 eggs
600 g. (nearly 5 cups) flour 
25 g. (1 tbsp.)fresh yeast 
1½ tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
250 ml. (1 cup) whole milk, tepid
1 tbsp. whole milk
Sesame or poppy seeds, for sprinkling

Mix the butter, sugar and three of the eggs together in a bowl. Add the flour and salt, and stir. In a second bowl, mix together the yeast and whole milk, and add to the flour mixture. Knead for about five minutes - you can add flour if the dough is too sticky. Leave the dough in a warm spot for two hours, or until the dough is doubled in size. Flour your hands and form twelve individual balls of dough, each just a little larger than a walnut. Cover with damp tea towel, and leave for another hour. Preheat the oven to 180 ̊C (350 ̊F) fan-forced. Mix the remaining egg with the extra tablespoon of milk, and brush the buns generously with this mixture, then sprinkle the tops with seeds. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through.

Salmon Patties

800 g. (little less than 2 lbs) fresh salmon filets, without skin or bone
Fresh herbs, of your choice
Cumin and garlic powder, as much or as little as you like
Salt and pepper

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl. I used a blender to finely chop the salmon and mix it all together, but you can also finely chop the fish and mix the ingredients manually.

Tomato Relish 

300 g. (4 oz.) tomatoes, lightly cooked and smashed
1½ onion, roughly chopped 
2 tbsp. brown sugar 
2 tsp. cumin 
1 tsp. powdered garlic 
Caramelise the onions with one tablespoon of brown sugar in a frying pan. Combine all the ingredients together in a small saucepan and cook for 20 minutes, or until the sauce is thick.

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madscar said...

Love it! Thanks for recipe :)

Paula Enredadera said...

Nice to read this, because here you have another reader who comes out of Norway! And besides for some food blogs, I only know this country for some novels and its fjords ;)

My boyf will love this recipe, I promised to prepare to him salmon burgers, even if I don't eat salmon. Now it's the time! Bread also, I suppose... :P

Rosie @ Blueberry Kitchen said...

This looks so delicious! I really love that everything's made from scratch too.

Debbie Petras said...

I love salmon but never had it as a burger. I will have to try this one.

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